48V Inverters

48V Inverters

48V sine wave inverters

The 48V to 220V inverters transform the direct current coming from 48V batteries into alternating current at 230V in order to power any appliance that we connect. The inverters of 48V 220V are ideal when we connect in parallel panels of 48V maintaining this tension. The 48V 220V inverter covers powers from 100W to 5000W so it is recommended for use in low and medium power solar installations.

From this point onwards, when referring to 48V inverters48V to 220V inverter48V 220V inverter e inverter 48 to 220 us we refer to the same product.

48V to 220V inverter should be as close as possible to the solar energy battery and the solar panels, since the currents that circulate between these two elements are the highest of the whole installation. In addition, the cable section between the 48V to 220V inverter and the batteries should be 50mm to reduce current losses as much as possible.

The 48V to 220V inverter has an automatic working mode, so if there is no consumption connected it automatically disconnects, reducing its consumption. In this state the 48V 220V inverter sends alternating current pulses every few seconds to check if there is any load connected, generally 1 peak per second.

To connect the 48V to 220V inverter to the batteries, the negative pole of the battery must be connected to the inverter, and in the same way the positive pole to the positive pole of the inverter, respecting the minimum sections recommended by each manufacturer.

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48V to 220V Inverters: Characteristics

48V to 220V inverters are devices that convert 48V direct current into 220V alternating current: the current used in most homes, caravans, boats and camper vans. They are very useful inverters in situations where it is required to power devices or appliances. They work in photovoltaic systems of lower power, with batteries of the same voltage (48V).

Information about 48V to 220V Solar Inverters

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The solar inverters inverters of this type transform the current from 48V to 220V, for this they need to be supplied with energy from a battery of the same voltage (48V). The connection is very simple: the negative pole of the battery must be connected to the inverter, and the same operation with the positive pole. With the function of the charge regulator we avoid problems such as the poles being inverted and the inverter being damaged, since the great majority of them (not all) integrate a safety system that controls this possible manipulation error.

On this page you can find all the 48V 220V inverters of which we have at our disposal, from the smallest, the 48V inverter 220 to the most powerful, both sine wave and pure sine wave. We have different powers: 150W, 180W, 350W, 800W, 1400W, 2000W, 3000W and many others so you can choose the most suitable to your needs. 48V inverters are basic electronic devices in many electrical systems, including any system powered by renewable energies. The reason is very simple: it is the device that is in charge of transforming the clean energy that our installation is collecting from the sun, water, air... into the electrical energy that we need for our daily life.

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Typical uses of 48V Inverters

The 48V inverters are widely used in the photovoltaic sector. for demanding installations.

Installation 48V Inverters

The 48V Inverters can be installed by yourself although it is recommended that the installer has basic knowledge of electricity.

Maintenance Inverters 48V

The Solar Inverters 48V do not require special maintenance.

Compatibility of 48V Inverters with batteries

The 48V inverters are compatible with 48V batteries..

Any inverter is compatible with batteries working at the same voltage as the inverter, in this case at 48V.

Warranty 48V Inverters

The 48V inverters come with a two-year manufacturer's warranty. as explained in the Spanish regulations, provided that they have been used correctly and the manufacturer's recommendations have been followed.

Photovoltaic system with 48V inverters

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Finance the purchase of 48V Inverters

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