Inverter Victron Phoenix 48/1200 VE Direct Schuko - PIN482120200

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Inverter Victron 48V 1200W of continuous power of the Phoenix range. It converts the current of your 48V installation to 220V direct current. Ideal for self-consumption photovoltaic systems, caravans and boats.

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Product information

Serial VE.Direct communication port

The Victron VE.Direct communications port allows the PV inverter to be connected to:

  • A computer (a VE.Direct to USB interface cable is required).
  • Apple and Android smartphones, tablets, mackbooks and other devices (VE.Direct to Bluetooth Smart dongle required).

The Phoenix 12/500 inverter is fully configurable:

  • Alarm levels and reconnection in case of low battery voltage.
  • Low battery voltage shutdown and restart levels.
  • Dynamic disconnection: load-dependent disconnection level
  • Output voltage 210 - 245V
  • Frequency 50 Hz or 60 Hz
  • ECO mode on/off and ECO mode level sensor

ECO mode operation

The inverter remains in stand-by when the power in Watts of its output drops below a previously configured value. Once in stand-by, the inverter will switch on briefly (adjustable; default: every 2.5 seconds). If the load exceeds the preset level, the inverter will remain on.

High additional peak starting power

One of the features of SinusMax technology is its very high starting power. Phoenix inverters are prepared to supply difficult loads, such as motors or power tools with a high starting peak.

Remote on/off switch

In this model of solar inverter, you can connect a remote On/Off switch and bring the two wires to the inverter to remotely turn the inverter on and off. This option is one of the most valued by customers with a motor home or a boat or sailboat.

Datasheet Victron Phoenix Inverter 48/1200 VE Direct Schuko - PIN482120200

See Victron Phoenix 48/1200 VE Direct Schuko Inverter data sheet - PIN482120200

Additional information

Weight8 kg
Dimensions12 × 23 × 33 cm

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