Mastervolt MasterBus USB interface - 77030100

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  • USB connection cableUSB-MasterBus interface
  • USB connection cable
  • MasterBus patch cables (UTP patch cables)

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Product information

Mastervolt MasterBus USB interface - 77030100

The CZone configuration tool supports the Mastervolt MasterBus USB Interface, which allows easy connection of a Windows PC to the CZone network. Typically, a CZone configuration file is created in advance and then copied to a USB flash drive or micro SD card, to be uploaded to the CZone network later. It is also possible to configure or adjust settings from a Windows PC connected to the CZone network.

Things you need in addition to the Mastervolt USB interface:

  • USB cable (included);
  • Mastervolt-CZone bypass cable;
  • Windows PC running the CZone configuration tool (can be downloaded from the CZone portal);
  • Free tee connector on the backbone. If a free tee connector is not available, one must be added (1, 2 or 4 way). When the tee connector is not used, this connector should be capped with a bench cap to protect it from corrosion.

Connection of the Mastervolt MasterBus USB interface:

  • Connect both RJ45 ends of the Mastervolt-CZone feeder cable directly to the MasterBus USB Interface and connect the other end to the free connector on the CZone backbone.
  • 2. Connect the USB cable to the USB MasterBus interface and to the PC.
  • 3. When using MasterBus USB Interface for the first time, automatically install the correct driver.

What is Mastervolt Masterbus?

MasterBus is a fully decentralized data network for communication between the different Mastervolt system devices. It is a CAN bus based communication network that has proven its reliability as a bus system in automotive applications. MasterBus is used as a power management system for all connected devices, such as the converter, battery charger, generator and more. This offers the possibility to establish communication between the connected devices, for example, to start the generator when the battery is low. MasterBus reduces the complexity of electrical systems by using UTP (unshielded twisted pair) interconnect cables.

All system components are linked to each other. Therefore, each device is equipped with two MasterBus data ports. If two or more devices are connected to each other via these data ports, they form a local data network, called MasterBus. The result is a reduction in material costs, as only several electrical cables are needed and less installation time is required. For central monitoring and control of the connected devices, Mastervolt offers a wide range of panels that display the complete status information of the electrical system at a glance and at the push of a button. Four panels are available, from the small 120 x 65 mm Mastervision compatible LCD display to the full color MasterView System panel. All surveillance panels can be used to monitor, control and configure all connected MasterBus equipment. New devices can be added to the existing network very easily by simply extending the network. This gives the MasterBus network a high degree of flexibility for an extended system configuration, not only now, but also in the future.

Mastervolt MasterBus USB Interface datasheet

View Mastervolt MasterBus USB Interface datasheet

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