Fronius Symo 7.0-3-M Three-Phase Inverter - 4,210,041

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Fronius Symo 7.0-3-M three-phase inverter: 

  • Maximum output power; 7 kW
  • Maximum power of solar panels; 14 kWp
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Product information

Why is the Fronius Symo 7.0 the best solar inverter for self-consumption?

Fronius Symo 7.0 three-phase inverter is the best solution for a flexible supply of solar energy. With a maximum solar panel output capacity of 14 kWp Fronius Symo is the three-phase inverter ideal for any size of installation.

With its SuperFlex design, it is perfect for roofs with different roof pitches or different orientations thanks to its 2 MPPT inputs. The Internet connection via WLAN or Ethernet integrated as standard and the easy integration of third-party components make the Fronius Symo one of the most communicative inverters on the market. The integrated display allows a very fast and clear visualization of the consumption.

How to connect the solar photovoltaic inverter?

Its installation is very simple and quick, at the bottom of the equipment we can find the inputs for the AC wiring, the DC load break switch and the inputs for the strings (remember that it incorporates 2 MPPT trackers).

Inside, by removing the lower cover, we can find the connections for the ETHERNET network, the WiFi antenna and the electrical connections to be able to connect devices according to solar production.


Configuration diagram Fronius Symo 7.0

The installation scheme is very simple, we only have to install the Fronius Smart Meter at the border point of our installation and communicate with the Fronius Inverter. In this way, we can visualize in the monitoring all the energy that we consume from the electrical grid, from the panels or the energy that we feed into the grid.



Monitoring of Fronius Symo 7.0 Inverter

Setting up the Fronius Symo is child's play, and so is operating it. All models have an integrated communication package with WLAN, a web server and Datalogger as standard. Using our Fronius Solar.web online portal, users can conveniently and extensively monitor and control the output of their PV system.

The application Fronius Solar.web also allows you to access all your system data at any time, even when you are away from home. This provides maximum transparency and helps you make the most of your self-generated solar energy.



Additional information

Weight22 kg
Dimensions65 × 43 × 20 cm

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