Mastervolt Mac Plus 24/24V-30 DC-DC Converter - 81205400

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Peak capacity 850 W
Power (W) 810 W
Protection IP23
Voltage 24 V
Output voltage 24 V

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Product information

Increase the charging voltage of your service battery with the Mac Plus converter!

Charging service batteries on board a vehicle or vessel can be complicated. The recharging process is often time-consuming and the batteries may not be fully charged. This is a common problem on boats, work vans, motorhomes and trucks. Smart alternators and start/stop systems make the situation even worse.

Robust DC-DC charger ensures optimum condition of service batteries

Normally, the service battery is connected to the starter battery by means of a charging relay. The starter battery is located close to the alternator and receives most of the charging current. However, the service battery is usually remote. Long cables cause voltage drops, which leads to a slow charging process and results in device failures and premature battery failure.

Modern fuel-efficient engines are equipped with intelligent alternators in accordance with the latest standards, such as Euro 5 and Euro 6. Instead of supplying a constant power supply, intelligent alternators provide a variable voltage; after a short charging period, the voltage is reduced and the charging process stops. In addition, the energy produced with regenerative braking causes voltage peaks. Service batteries installed in the traditional mode are hardly charged at all and can be damaged as a result of these voltage peaks.

To solve these problems, Mastervolt introduces the Mac Plus DC-DC charger, available in 12V or 24V. The Mac Plus monitors the status of the service battery and compensates for voltage loss. The proven 3-stage algorithm ensures fast and safe charging. In addition, by stabilizing the charging voltage, the Mac Plus protects service batteries and sensitive equipment.


  • Fast and safe charging during short trips.
  • Fanless design for quiet operation.
  • Suitable for liquid, gel, AGM and lithium-ion batteries (incl. LiFePO4).
  • Charges even completely discharged batteries.
  • Engine running detection protects the starter battery.
  • Adjustable current limits to meet Euro 5/6 requirements.
  • Voltage stabilization protects equipment, lighting and sensitive loads.
  • Parallel operation to obtain a load capacity in excess of 100 A.
  • MasterBus for intelligent system monitoring and automation.
  • Temperature compensation and voltage sensing for optimum charging results.
  • E-mark certification for mobile applications.
  • Power supply mode.
  • Heavy-duty connections for easy installation and quick configuration via DIP switches.

Non-insulated Mac Plus models feature an electrical connection between the input and output. Other Features:

  • Lower cost.
  • Efficient: low heat generation.
  • Compact.
  • Suitable for negative grounding applications.

Datasheet Mastervolt Mac Plus 24/24V-30 DC-DC Converter - 81205400

See Mac Plus 24/24V-30 DC-DC Converter data sheet - 81205400

Additional information

Weight2 kg
Dimensions22,5 × 16,5 × 6,6 cm

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