Mastervolt Magic 24/24-20 converter - 81300200

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Peak capacity 580 W
Power (W) 580 W
Voltage 24 VDC
Output voltage 27.2 VDC

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Mastervolt Magic 24/24-20 converter - 81300200

Magic models can regulate voltage rises and falls to ensure optimum voltage stabilization, even when the battery voltage fluctuates due to heavy loads. Galvanic isolation between input and output prevents disruption to communications equipment and other components.

  • Professional use.
  • 3-stage battery charger and converter.
  • Parallel switchable.
  • Adjustable and programmable output voltage.
  • Voltage stabilization to extend the life of halogen lights, etc.
  • Dimmer function for Mac and Magic models.

Magic models with isolation offer galvanic isolation between input and output circuits. Other features:

  • Extra insulation.
  • Interference suppression for sensitive equipment.
  • Available with negative or positive grounding.

Programmable from a laptop or desktop PC

Remote control of the Magic from your laptop or desktop PC; you can also set your personal preferences. The device has a communications port and installation is easy with a PC Link and the MasterAdjust software.

Dimmer function to save energy

Many standard dimmers convert part of the energy into heat and also lose unnecessary ionic energy. Magic converters regulate the power supply efficiently and without excessive heat buildup for optimum safety (multiple converters can be used for multiple lamps).

Parallel connection

Do you have a lot of electrical appliances on board? Parallel configuration of several units will allow you to generate more than 100 amps. Advanced high-frequency technology with modern microprocessors ensures minimal power loss when switching from 24 to 12 V and vice versa.

For the most difficult applications

Magic DC-DC converters are designed for the toughest conditions in professional, semi-professional and recreational applications. Even under the most extreme conditions, the products in this series work perfectly to provide you with uninterrupted performance whenever needed. The sustainability and technologies have been extensively tested in practice. With a mean time between failures (MTBF) of 180,000 hours at full capacity and uninterrupted use, the DC-DC converters are the ideal solution for the toughest applications and for any situation requiring a reliable power supply.

Magic as a power source

The Magic models can be fully employed as a stabilized power supply: 12 to 24 V, 24 to 12 V or 24 to 24 V. Inputs and outputs are galvanically isolated.

Solid connections

Galvanized brass connection plate with screw terminal or chrome plated strap for DC input/output for Magic models.

3-stage battery charger

Connected to the main 12 or 24 V battery, the converter can also be used as an advanced 3-stage battery charger for Gel, AGM, wet or lithium-ion batteries.

Data sheet Mastervolt Magic 24/24-20 converter - 81300200

See Mastervolt Magic 24/24-20 Converter data sheet - 81300200

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