Mastervolt DC Distribution 500 Battery Monitor - 77020200

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Battery connections 1
System connections Main input, output up to 4 fused and continuously supervised connections, negative connection for system grounding.
Number of fuses 2 x 80A, 2 x 125A + 1 x 160A accessory
Shunt 500A/50mV

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Product information

Mastervolt DC Distribution 500 Battery Monitor - 77020200

A DC (direct current) battery monitor is a device used to measure and monitor the charge and condition of a battery operating on direct current, such as batteries used in vehicles, solar power systems, boats, power backup systems, among others. These monitors are useful to ensure that batteries are operating optimally and to prevent problems related to battery charging and discharging.

The DC Distribution comes standard with four ANL fuses: 80, 80, 125 and 160 A, and a spare 125 A fuse.

Mastervolt DC Distribution 500 Battery Monitor Features

  • The DC Distribution 500 is the smallest distribution model available.
  • Connects up to four DC devices, such as a battery charger, inverter, alternators and solar panels.
  • A plug & play cable is included which makes connection to the MasterBus network faster and easier.
  • The EasyView panel gives logical names to all fuses to ensure that you receive understandable error notifications (e.g., battery charger fuse error).

The main functions of a DC battery monitor include:

  1. Voltage measurement: It measures the voltage or voltage of the battery to determine its state of charge. This helps users know when the battery needs to be recharged.
  2. Current measurement: Measures the current flowing into or out of the battery. This is useful for knowing how much power is being used or recharged in the battery at any given time.
  3. Loading and unloading status: A DC battery monitor can display the charge and discharge status of the battery in real time, which helps users to know whether the battery is charging or discharging properly.
  4. Low voltage alarm: Many of these devices are equipped with alarms that alert the user when the battery voltage drops below a predetermined level, helping to prevent excessive discharge that could damage the battery.
  5. History and data: Some DC battery monitors can record historical data on battery performance, allowing users to track battery health and performance over time.

Technical data sheet Battery monitor Mastervolt DC Distribution 500 - 77020200

See Mastervolt DC Distribution 500 battery monitor datasheet - 77020200

Additional information

Weight1,5 kg
Dimensions15 × 21,6 × 6,5 cm

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