Schematic Victron Multiplus for Camper Van PDF

From this section, we provide you with technical information, data sheet and manuals for your Victron Multiplus II inverter and how to install it in your camper van. This page will be constantly evolving, so we advise you to visit it frequently for more information.

Victron Multiplus wiring diagram for camper van PDF - Victron camper wiring diagram PDF

In the image below, you have the global scheme in pdf of how to connect a Victron Multiplus inverter in your camper van.

You will also find the starter battery with the alternator, the service lithium batteries, the BMS of the service lithium batteries, the Victron MPPT regulator and the two converters (Booster) to charge the service lithium battery with the alternator of the van.

And all controlled with the Victron Cerbo GX and a touch screen.

Schematic Victron Multiplus - Diagram for camper van, caravan or boat with alternator
Click on the image to download the Victron Multiplus schematic in pdf format

This website is constantly evolving and we will gradually add more technical information.

Date of last update; 01/22/2024

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