Pallet Solar Panels LONGI SOLAR Hi-MO5m 66HPH 505W Half-Cut silver frame (LR5-66HPH-505M)

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Panels per pallet: 31 units.

Solar Panel Power: 505 Wp
Solar Panel Cell Type: Monocrystalline
Solar Panel Dimensions: 2093×1134×35mm
Maximum Power Voltage: 1500VDC (IEC)
Short Circuit Current ISC: 13.97A - 11.30A
Maximum Output Amps IMP: 13.11V - 10.55V
Open Circuit Voltage: 45.70 V - 42.97 V
Solar Panel Frame: Anodized aluminum alloy. Silver frame
Module Efficiency (%): 21,3%


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Product information

Main features LONGI SOLAR Hi-MO5m 66HPH 505W Half-Cut silver frame

  • The LR5-66HPH 505M is a premium solar panel from the well-known LONGI Solar brand.
  • Designed with state-of-the-art technology, this panel is the perfect choice for ultra-large power plants.
  • One of the outstanding features of the LR5-66HPH 505M is its M10 water-resistant design, making it highly durable and reliable even in challenging weather conditions. In addition, this panel features a half-cell design, resulting in lower operating temperatures and improved performance.
  • In terms of power output, the LR5-66HPH 505M offers a maximum power point voltage of 38.53V and a current of 13.11A. These figures ensure that this panel can produce a substantial amount of power even in low light conditions.
  • Safety is also a key consideration for the LR5-66HPH 505M, as the panel achieves an IEC Class C fire rating.
  • Its anodized aluminum alloy frame keeps it lightweight at only 26 kg, making it easy to install and operate.
  • LONGI Solar backs the performance of the LR5-66HPH 505M with a 25-year power warranty and an 84,80% performance warranty, ensuring that customers can enjoy reliable and efficient performance for many years to come.

LONGI SOLAR Hi-MO5m 66HPH 505W Half-Cut Silver Frame (LR5-66HPH-505M) Solar Panel Pallet Technical Datasheet

See data sheet LONGi_TDS_495-515_LR5-66HPH_hImo 5M G2_SFR_F35_V15_EN

Additional information

Weight784,3 kg
Dimensions209,3 × 113,4 × 0,35 cm

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