MG LFP Battery 25.6V 280Ah 7200Wh - MGLFP240280

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  • Rated voltage: 25.6 V
  • For low voltage systemsUp to 96 V
  • Nominal capacity at 25º: 280 Ah
  • Life cycles: 80%: > 3500 cycles
  • Recommended charging current: 140 A
  • Measurements: 652 x 294 x 193 mm
  • Parallel connection: Unlimited
  • Series connection: Up to 5 batteries

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Product information

MG LFP Battery 25.6V 280Ah 7200Wh

LFP Series (Lithium-ferrophosphate batteries)

MG LFP series batteries, such as the MG LFP 25.6V 280Ah 7200Wh Battery, are based on the next generation FiFePo4 chemistry. The advantage of this new generation of batteries is their high energy density. The modules are very compact and lightweight and have a high charge and discharge capacity. The 25.6 LFP series can be used for a variety of applications, such as small storage systems with a single battery or large battery banks with 16 modules in series. The technology employed by MG allows the creation of safe and scalable battery banks while keeping the installation process simple and the use of external components to a minimum.

LFP series features

  • New generation LiFePo4 chemistry
  • For low voltage systems: Up to 96 V
  • Plug and Play: Automatic configuration
  • Extended life cycle
  • High loading and unloading capacity


The LFP 25.6V series batteries can be used for various applications in different sectors, such as photovoltaics for self-consumption, marine or automotive. For example, to power electric motors for motor pumps or hybrid systems with electric propulsion.

Simple installation

Combining the LFP series batteries with MG's battery control and management units, such as the Master LV or Master HV, creates a compact and safe system that avoids excessive wiring and use of external components. The MG Master LV combines battery monitoring and control, current distribution, fuse holder and shunt in a single device that saves installation time and space, important for applications where space saving is important.


Each battery has an integrated BMS, battery management system. The BMS is an intelligent electronic module that measures the voltage and temperature of all cells to control that the balance between each cell and the battery module is correct. The battery modules communicate with the MG Master LV or MG Master HV (which acts as the master BMS) via an isolated galvanized CAN-Bus. The MG Master LV manages and monitors the status of all connected batteries. If the values of any of the modules exceed the limits set in its configuration, the MG Master will take over and protect the connected batteries from possible failures.

Control and monitoring

Monitoring, protection and control are very important factors in creating safe, simple and reliable battery systems. The MG Master LV and MG Master HV are the control and safety units of the MG battery system. It protects the connected batteries from extreme variations in charge and temperature and controls the balance between the battery cells. In addition to this safety function, the MG Master LV and MG Master HV monitor and control other important parameters to provide information to the user about battery health or energy consumption.

The MG CAN-Bus protocol can be used to communicate with other applications and multifunctional monitors via NMEA2000 and web interface. MG Master LV and HV guarantee a safe and suitable installation for any battery system thanks to their integrated safety electronics.

Storage systems

Flexibility in designing storage systems is one of the key features of the products of MG Energy Systems. The combination of LFP batteries in series with a Master BMS creates a perfect system for a wide range of applications. Redundant systems can also be created by connecting multiple Master BMS in parallel to increase system capacity and safety.

25.6V LFP Battery Diagram
25.6V LFP Battery Diagram


Additional information

Weight53 kg
Dimensions66 × 30 × 20 cm

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