Mastervolt SCM60 MPPT-MB Regulator - 131906000

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Max. load current at 40 °C / 104 °F: 60 A
System voltage (battery): 12/24/48 V automatic selection
Maximum voltage: 145 V
Battery type: AGM, gel, wet, lithium-ion, lithium-ion

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Product information

The Mastervolt SCM60 MPPT-MB - 131906000 is the largest volume Mastervolt MPPT solar charge controller. This Solar ChargeMaster is perfect for medium to large volume systems, offering 600 to 3600 Wp on solar panels, connections for 12, 24 and 48 V battery banks and integrated MasterBus connection.

Mastervolt's innovative MPPT charge controller technology increases the efficiency of solar panels. The SCM60 MPPT-MB charges batteries up to 30% faster than PWM regulators, using the same number of panels.

MPPT charge controller for all solar panels

In addition to traditional 36- and 72-cell panels, the SCM60 MPPT-MB is also ideal for the more economical 60-cell panels. Thanks to its maximum input voltage of 145 V, several panels can be connected in series, significantly reducing the required cable length, installation time and energy loss.

Rugged, easy to use, safe and flexible

The Mastervolt SCM60 MPPT-MB Regulator - 131906000 is suitable for all types of batteries, including Mastervolt Lithium Ion batteries. The charging profiles for all battery types are pre-programmed and can be selected via the display or MasterBus. The SCM60 MPPT-MB is very quiet and is equipped with a bright and simple display. It prioritizes safety as it has integrated protection against overcharging, high/low battery voltage, overheating, short circuits and reverse polarity. In addition, the SCM60 MPPT-MB has a robust housing and is protected against splash water in compliance with the IP23 standard.

Intelligent MasterBus operation

The MasterBus platform offers advanced system functions that make it possible to control an entire power system on a single screen. The intelligent one-wire system simplifies wiring and saves considerable space and weight. On top of that, you can automate your systems and tailor them to your needs.

It is available in ten languages. The user interface is identical for all Mastervolt products, whether battery chargers, inverters, Combis, batteries or other devices.

More comfort and independence

Use the MasterBus power to start the water heater as soon as the battery is fully charged. You can also connect the Solar ChargeMaster via MasterBus to a Mastervolt Lithium Ion battery, so you no longer have to disconnect the relays normally required for this type of battery. The possibilities are unlimited.

  • Excellent efficiency for faster battery charging.
  • Stable and accurate Mastervolt MPPT.
  • They charge up to 30% faster than PWM technology.
  • Designed for economical 60-cell panels.
  • Capacity for solar panel configurations between 600 and 3600 Wp.
  • Automatic voltage detection (12/24/48 V).
  • Flexible loading.
  • Battery temperature sensor to extend battery life.
  • Compatible with all types of batteries, including Mastervolt Lithium Ion batteries.
  • Supervision and control via MasterBus.
  • Large and bright display.
  • Safe and very quiet operation.
  • Rugged housing, suitable for wet environments (IP23).

Mastervolt SCM60 MPPT-MB Regulator Datasheet - 131906000

See Mastervolt SCM60 MPPT-MB Regulator data sheet - 131906000

Additional information

Weight5,5 kg
Dimensions40 × 17 × 11 cm

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