Inverter Charger Mastervolt Mass Combi Ultra 24/3500-100 (230 V) - 38023500

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  • Nominal DC voltage: 24 V (19-32 V)
  • Output voltage: 180-260 V, adjustable
  • Output frequency: 50/60 Hz (± 0.005 %), configurable
  • True sine output waveform
  • Continuous power at 40 °C / 104 °F, cos. of fi 1: 3500 W
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Product information

Inverter Charger Mastervolt Mass Combi Ultra 24/3500-100 (230 V) - 38023500

The Mass Combi Ultra series comprises several models ranging from 3000 W to 3500 W. For higher capacities up to 35 kW, the Combi Ultra can be used in parallel or in three-phase configuration. The efficient integrated solar charge controller helps to obtain maximum performance from the solar panels.

The Mass Combi Ultra is equipped with state-of-the-art technology. The new inverter technology ensures exceptionally low standby consumption, while the ultra-fast Digital Signal Processor enables seamless switching between all available power sources. Power Assist prevents momentary voltage drops and failures, even with a weak electrical connection or a small generator. In addition, all Mass Combi Ultra models are equipped with MasterBus.

Increased production from solar energy

At Mastervolt, we have used the knowledge gained in the general grid connected solar industry to create a super-efficient integrated MPPT solar charge controller. Compared to most solar charge controllers on the market, the MPPT offers up to 30 % more output from solar panels. The solar panels power the 'hidden' loads and keep the batteries in optimal condition.

Energy saving

The integrated solar charge controller is preferred to the AC-in, so the batteries will initially only be charged with green solar energy. A CO2 and cost-effective solution to keep your batteries in perfect condition.

Quiet operation

The Mass Combi Ultra can provide up to 50 % of the load current or inverter capacity without fan cooling. This is perfect for nighttime operation: if little power is consumed, the fan stops spinning so it is silent. When maximum capacity is needed or the ambient temperature is very high, Active Optima Cooling technology regulates the fan speed in a linear fashion, ensuring that it never spins too fast or makes excessive friction noises.

Parallel and three-phase operation

The Mass Combi Ultra's qualities go beyond stand-alone operation; in addition, the design allows for parallel or three-phase configurations for higher volume applications up to 35 kW. For larger systems, an external transfer system is required.

Dual AC inputs and outputs

The Mass Combi Ultra has generator or grid inputs, each optimized for the power supply. A robust and intelligent transfer system performs seamless switching between AC power, generator and inverter and ensures a constant power supply. Flickering lights or electronic equipment failures are a thing of the past. Independent AC outputs allow the user to supply large loads via the mains and/or the generator.

Inverter Charger Mastervolt Mass Combi Ultra 24/3500-100 (230 V) Features

  • For professional and semi-professional use.
  • Quiet and powerful inverter with a maximum power of 200 %.
  • Compact, lightweight and hum-free thanks to HF technology.
  • The pure sine-wave voltage prevents breakdowns and damage to sensitive components such as adapters.
  • High performance and more power for the batteries.
  • Battery charger with 3-stage+ intelligent charging mode and low DC ripple current to reduce charging time and extend battery life.
  • Power Assist: prevents fuses from blowing.
  • The dynamic range of battery voltages allows you to enjoy AC power for longer without damaging your batteries.
  • The Active Optima concept prevents unnecessary fan noise.
  • Simultaneously charges two individual battery banks.
  • An integrated MPPT solar charge controller allows for an additional 30 % of solar energy to charge the batteries.
  • Fast installation and reliable professional connections.
  • CE, ABYC and RMRS certification.

Data sheet Inverter Charger Mastervolt Mass Combi Ultra 24/3500-100 (230 V) - 38023500

See inverter data sheet Mastervolt Mass Combi Ultra 24/3500-100 (230 V) inverter charger

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Weight16 kg
Dimensions50 × 35 × 20 cm

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