Toscano COMBI2 P32 T15 combined surge protection 10002548 10002548

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Operating voltage: 240 VAC
Housing protection: IP20
Protection: TYPE II
Permanent protection values:
Tripping voltage: 265 VAC ±2%
Transient protection values:
Maximum Imax current: 15 kA
Rated current In: 8 kA


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Product information

Toscano COMBI2 P32 T15 combined surge protection 10002548 10002548

The Toscano COMBI2 P32 T15 combined surge protection 10002548 protects from permanent overvoltages caused by increases in the mains voltage, and of the transient overvoltages caused by lightning strikes or network switching, on installations single-phase.

Toscano's COMBI2 P32 T15 combines in the same component the General Automatic Circuit Breaker (IGA), a tripping coil and the Vigivolt V2T, offering transient and permanent overvoltage protection functions, which makes it a particularly useful element in homes.

What are permanent overvoltages?

Permanent overvoltages are voltage surges above the rated value that may be due to a neutral break in an electrical network. They cause overheating of electrical equipment, reducing its service life or leading to its destruction. Protection devices against permanent and transient overvoltages are installed next to the main circuit breaker (IGA) of the main switchboard, causing it to trip in case of overvoltage.

What are transient overvoltages?

Transient overvoltages are voltage peaks reaching kilovolt values, usually caused by lightning strikes or due to mains switching, which cause severe damage to electrical and electronic equipment. Transient surge protectors act by shunting to ground the high current generated when the overvoltage reaches a set value. Toscano offers a complete solution of arresters necessary to configure a correct cascade protection from the source of the surge to the receivers.

Operating voltage240 VAC
Frequency50-60 Hz
Maximum terminal cross-section25 mm² (1.5 in.)
Dimensions (W x H x D) mm72 x 90 x 71
Environmental margins-20º...+70º C / 80% H.R.
MountingRail DIN35
No. of DIN modules4
Product standardsUNE-EN 50550 / UNE-EN 61643-11 / UNE-EN 60898
Firing voltage265 VAC ±2%
Replyaccording to standard
Maximum Imax intensity15 kA
Rated current In8 kA
Protection level Up≤1.5 kV
Rated current32A
Cutting power10 kA

See Toscano COMBI2 P32 T15 combined overvoltage protection technical data sheet 10002548

Toscano COMBI2 P32 T15 Combined Surge Protection Datasheet 10002548

Additional information

Weight1 kg
Dimensions15 × 10 × 5 cm

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