BMS MG Master HV 900V 500A - MGMHV800500

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  • For high voltage systems
  • Compact design
  • Internal event log
  • Parameter monitoring: Cell voltage, temperature, balance, etc.
  • Battery status and charge monitoring.
  • Safety contactors for direct current: Up to 500 A
  • Connectivity: Amphenol PowerLok 500-series


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Product information

BMS MG Master HV 900V 500A

Master HV Series

Protecting, monitoring and controlling batteries is very important to create safe, simple and reliable storage systems. The MG Master HV 900V 500A BMS is the safety and control unit for any MG low voltage battery system in the 72 V to 96 V range. It protects the connected modules against abnormal load and temperature variations and checks that the balance between the battery cells is correct.

In addition to its safety function, the Master HV monitors and controls other important parameters so that the user knows the battery status and power consumption at all times. The integrated DC distributor, fuse holders and safety contactors facilitate installation and require less wiring and external equipment.

The compact design of the HV series BMS from MG Energy Systems makes them perfect for locations with limited space, such as ships or industrial facilities.


  • Compact design
  • Integrated preloader
  • Positive and negative pole safety contactors
  • Easy installation
  • Complies with the highest quality and safety standards
  • Internal event log
  • Supervision of all battery parameters: cell voltage, temperature, balance, etc.
  • Battery status and charge monitoring.
  • CAN-Bus communication protocol
  • Connectivity: Amphenol PowerLok 500-series


The connectors incorporated in the Master HV facilitate the connection of battery strings. Amphenol's PowerLok connectors are robust and integrate a HVIL, High Voltage Interlock Loop, to monitor the connection. The low resistance of these connectors allows up to 500 A of current to flow constantly.

Diagnostic tools

Battery system diagnostics are important throughout the life of the battery system, from start-up, system testing, service and maintenance to troubleshooting. The diagnostic tools provide all the detailed information about the status of the battery system. The main values, such as voltage, current and state of charge, can be viewed and recorded in an internal log. In addition, detailed battery information such as cell voltage, cell temperature via individual sensors, installed firmware version, etc. can be displayed. Along with this information, historical and other stored events can also be accessed from the MG Master HV 900V 500A BMS.

To add more flexibility to the system, all settings can be configured as required.

Supervision and control

The Master HV can monitor all critical system parameters, such as cell voltage or the temperature of each connected battery. It offers a series of protections thanks to a set of limits configured for each of the parameters it measures. The first protection is a system that monitors the loads and chargers. Secondly, a warning signal is triggered if any of the parameters is above normal. Finally, if the problem is not resolved, a critical failure system opens the safety contactors to interrupt the power flow between the batteries and the chargers. A well-integrated system never opens its safety contactors during normal operation.

The philosophy of the MG system is to have a master BMS (MG Master HV) that communicates with the BMS integrated in each of the MG batteries. The slave BMSs of these batteries are able to monitor parameters such as voltage, temperature or the balance of each cell.

All these parameters are sent to the MG Master HV through an isolated CAN-Bus that collects all the data and monitors the parameters according to the set limits. When a parameter exceeds that limit, the user will be notified via the AUX. CAN-Bus. If this situation is maintained and the parameter does not return to normal, the MG Master HV has the possibility to disconnect the batteries from the system by opening its main contactors.


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Weight11 kg
Dimensions35 × 15 × 45 cm

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