RJ12 UTP Cable Victron 15 m - ASS030066150

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1xRJ12 male to 1RJ12 male

Length 1.8 m

For use with the BMV700 and BMV702 battery monitors.

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Description RJ12 UTP Cable Victron 15 m

The Victron RJ12 UTP Cable is an essential component in the world of battery monitoring, as it connects the BMV shunt to the BMV main unit. It is specifically designed to work with models such as the BMV700 and the BMV702 from Victron Energy.

This small, yet powerful RJ12 cable offers a reliable and versatile solution for those looking to ensure that their battery systems perform optimally.

In addition, a BMV battery monitor is a crucial tool in applications where power management is essential, such as in solar power systems, marine vessels, recreational vehicles and other autonomous systems. Its primary function is to measure and monitor battery status, providing accurate information on charge, discharge, voltage and other vital parameters. For this information to reach the BMV head unit accurately and in a timely manner, a high quality cable, such as the Victron RJ12 UTP cable, is required.

Finally, this cable is designed with RJ12 male connectors at both ends, which facilitates its connection between the BMV shunt and the BMV main unit. RJ12 connectors are common in communication and data applications, ensuring a reliable and trouble-free connection. In addition, the cable uses UTP (Unshielded Twisted Pair) technology, which helps minimize electromagnetic interference and ensures stable and accurate data transmission.

  • This handy Victron RJ12 UTP cable connects the BMV shunt to the BMV main unit (BMV700 and BMV702).
  • An RJ12 cable is shipped standard with a BMV battery monitor, but if this cable is too long or too short, it can be replaced with one of these cables.
  • 1xRJ12 male to 1RJ12 male
  • Length 3 m

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RJ12 UTP Cable VictronRJ12 UTP Cable Victron 15 m - ASS030066150
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